Ernie is laid to rest at the winning post

Ernie and Doreen celebrate their diamond anniversary
Ernie and Doreen celebrate their diamond anniversary

The winning post at York Racecourse is now the last resting place of Scarborough man Ernie Shipton Pennington.

The ashes of 84-year-old Ernie were scattered by his widow Doreen and friends.

Doreen and Ernie from their courting days

Doreen and Ernie from their courting days

He had been a stalwart member of the racecourse for many years and organised his diamond wedding celebration there in a private box overlooking the winning post.

His interest in horses began as a young boy and he went on to study the pedigree of the animals.

Ernie bought a paddock off Whitby Road, Cloughton, which he enjoyed mowing and maintaining in keeping with the beauty of the environment. He worked with the GPO (later BT), starting as a telegraph boy and moved up through the system. He loved meeting the general public, said his wife.

“He is sadly missed by his old racing friends,” she added.

Ernie was born in Burtonwood, Lancashire, where he attended the village school and his favourite subject was mathematics. The couple moved to Gristhorpe and he bequeathed a donation to the village hall for maintenance, as a thank you for the the happy years he spent in the village.

Ernie tragically died from an aggressive form of cancer which he had seemingly beaten at one stage, and he died at Castle Hill hospital in Hull.

Donations amounting to £300 went to St Catherine’s Hospice.

A family friend said: “Ernie was a friendly, great man and loved talking about cars, machines and horses.”