Event for budding engineers at the Spa

SCARBOROUGH’S leading precision engineering companies are holding a fun event aimed at teenage students considering careers in engineering.

Scarborough Engineering Week 2011 takes place at The Scarborough Spa from October 10 to 12. Exhibits include innovative engineering from the past and present – and hopefully the future.

The third annual event will feature many other engineering exhibits including robotic arms, mechanical design software, laser systems for scanning and marking, power generators, and a simulator for a subsea ‘remote operated vehicle’.

Advisors from the local engineering companies, and the locally based education business partnership NYBEP will also be on hand to talk to students.

The event is being organised by the metalworking machine maker Unison, supported by automobile manufacturers Plaxton and Bluebird Vehicles, and the Yorkshire Coast College. Sirius Minerals is also sponsoring the exhibition.

Unison’s Alan Pickering said: “Scarborough is a regional centre of excellence for industrial engineering - with many world-leading brands - and there are lots of opportunities for apprentices and graduates.

“I know that I could grow my company even faster if there was a larger pool of engineering talent available, and we hope this event will show both how exciting and rewarding an engineering career can be.”