Ever-changing scenery

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Golden Grove is as beautiful as its name, especially when the rhododendrons are in full bloom and the waterfall in full spate.

This short, three-mile route from Stainsacre is to be treasured. It’s easy to follow, and varied throughout. With Cock Mill Wood, Waterfall Cottage, Rigg Mill Beck and Larpool Hall, plus your return along the disused railway line, the scene is ever-changing.

Access – Take the A171 road towards Whitby, as far as Hawsker, past a sign indicating Whitby 4 miles. Then seek a left turning alongside a garage indicating Stainsacre quarter of a mile. Park in the vicinity of Summerfield Lane, as your walk starts from this junction.

At the junction, a road sign indicates Sneatonthorpe 2.5 miles, Sneaton 4 miles, and Whitby 2.5 miles.

Turn right and just about 25 paces ahead is a public footpath sign. Here, turn left to pass a small children’s recreation area and enter a football field.

Cross the field towards the right walled boundary, with housing beyond. Where walling ends, go directly across the grassy field with the hall to your left. Your route continues down partly-concealed steps between the trees. Cross the fence, and reaching a section opposite a sewage depot, turn left. Follow the rough, stony track down to the stream. If muddy, take the drier option up the bank. Keep to the right embankment along a firm, level footing.

A narrow footpath leads to a good footbridge. Cross the footbridge and take the ascending footpath from the stream (not up the steep bank!).

Rounding the bend you soon leave the stream and ascend woodland.

At the top of the wood, a surprise view opens onto meadow land across to Bennison House.

Turn right down a narrow lane sheltered by Cock Mill Wood, with lovely view to the left. Pass a bungalow on the left, and a field of sheep. Enjoy wild flowers and birdsong as you continue past Golden Rigg towards Rigg Mill Beck. Admire the splendid grounds of Cockmill Hall through the gateway.

Passing Manor Cottage continue beside brick walling, but for a moment deviate left from the road. Just stand on the bridge in Golden Gorse above the waterfall, as it cascades into the valley. Rhododendrons behind you create colour in June and July.

Return to the walling and follow the public footpath sign to pass Grove Cottage. Cross a paved area towards a private gate.

Here turn left along a flagged footpath beside Waterfall Cottage. Beyond the cottage garden, the waterfall may be seen to best advantage.

The well-defined fenced path leads through a richly-vegetated glen, with rhododendrons in season and the bubbling beck to cheer your way.

Take the footbridge ahead and remain on the direct footpath before you, to follow a flagged walk gently rising through woodland. At the far end of the wood, Squirrel’s Acre lies to your right elevation, and you’ll find nearby a memorial seat dated June 27, 1994.

Meeting the road bend, turn right up the lane to pass Glenfield, and then a stone-built residence named Crowdy Hall. Just beyond is a seat providing far-reaching views.

Just before the railway bridge, take the footpath on the left to climb several steps onto the disused railway track.

Turning right along the cinder-track you’ll view the imposing Larpool Hall across the field on the left. Crowdy Hall lies below to the right.

The pleasant track becomes a tunnel of trees. Shortly, Whitby Abbey comes into view on the horizon. Passing a farm to your left, seek an exit from the railtrack off to the right which drops down to a road named Rigg View.

Turn immediately left along Rigg View to join Stainsacre Lane.

Here, veer right to return to your starting point.

Alternatively, you may wish to turn left under the bridge to call at The Windmill Inn for refreshment.

Distance: 3 miles, allow 1.5 hours.

Refreshment: The Windmill Inn at Stainsacre (01947) 602671.

Note: Many folk save walking routes for their retirement! Please remember, changes do occur from time to time, so be prepared for possible ‘improvements’ or deviations.