Ex-Navy engineer is banned from driving

Scarborough Magistrates' Court.
Scarborough Magistrates' Court.

A former Royal Navy nuclear weapons engineer has been disqualified after crashing his car following a boozy catch-up with his father.

Daniel Reed was travelling along the A64 near Malton at around 1am on February 27 when he tried to overtake a heavy goods vehicle on a corner and ended up in a ditch.

The 25-year-old, of Filey Road, Scarborough, registered a reading of 84 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath at the side of the road when police arrived at around 1.20am – more than double the limit of 35mg.

Alison Whiteley, prosecuting, said Reed told the police he had consumed a can of alcohol following the crash to calm his nerves. She said: “This figure rose to two cans and then four with police unable to locate the cans the defendent was referring to. They dismissed his claims and arrested him.”

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court heard however that Reed had been drinking with his father in pubs in Bridlington while watching football during the day and lost track of the amount of alcohol he drunk.

Reed blew a reading of 85mg per litre of breath at the police station and was charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, which he pleaded guilty to on Monday.

Reed was medically discharged from his role at the Navy and has since taken on employment at Young Site Services Ltd, based in Hull. The court heard how Reed was travelling to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow at the time of the crash for work.

Lawrence Watts, defending, said: “He had a substantial degree of responsibility in the Royal Navy before being medically discharged. My client’s father has emigrated to Costa Rica so he rarely sees him. On this weekend his father had returned to the UK and was in Bridlington so he had some family time with him. He did exaggreate to the police how many cans he had after the incident.”

The court heard how Reed was a family man with his girlfriend announcing she was pregnant five days after the incident. Delia Liddle, chairman of the bench, disqualified Reed from driving for 20 months and ordered him to pay a £400 fine, £40 surcharge and £85 in costs.