Ex-pat fulfils an old dream

EX-PAT Paul Eade has achieved a dream by starting a record label.

Paul, who was born and raised in Scarborough, moved to Sweden in 1999 but often returns to visit his parents.

He saw a band called the Mare play several times in Stockholm and thought their latest songs should be heard by a wider audience.

Last year in Stockholm, he founded a record label called Leopard Up a Tree. “It’s true that CDs aren’t easy to sell these days, but the advantage of the internet is that you have worldwide reach – instantly,” Paul says. The CD is stocked by record stores in Sweden, the UK, France, Japan and the USA, and has enjoyed radio play in Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain. A video was made by a young German film-maker, Susan Penack, and has been submitted to the 2011 London Young Film Festival. It has had 5,000 views on YouTube.

The Mare plan to record a full-length album this year, says Paul, who has written four books, including one on Scarborough Football Club in 2002.