Excellent club is being hindered

With regards to the ongoing saga regarding Scarborough Rugby Club and their use of announcements and jingles during games and at their rugby festivals. How can Scarborough Council reject these proposals, which cause little interference when they allow the Open Air Theatre to put on live music shows of which the decibel limit and duration are of a far longer time scale?

I live in the old town and whilst walking across St Mary’s churchyard I could hear the cacophony emanating from the venue and as I approached North Bay corner the noise was tremendous. Although the music was not to my taste I have no objection to said music and its continuation but I do think that there should be a level playing field for all premises and events.

What will happen when (if) the new sports stadium is built at Weaponness, will this be placed under the same restrictions as the rugby club? I fear not as the council has a vested interest in this going ahead.

I hope therefore that the council look favourably on any new application from the rugby club as this type of club is what Scarborough needs and over the year must bring into the town more economic benefits than the Open Air Theatre as well as being a hub for the local community.

So Scarborough Council do the right thing and support the excellent initiatives of the rugby club and do not hinder them as they strive forward. A level playing field for all.

Mike Webdale

Church Street