Excellent start to free shows

I would like through the Scarborough New to congratulate the young people who put on the first series of free shows at Scarborough’s Open Air Theatre. It was a brilliant day, hot and sunny, and the crowds turned out. There must have been around 400 people of all ages enjoying the show along with the lovely weather.

The show is Sunshine Show Time and it is certainly full of summer, with great dancers in lovely costumes, some very patriotic, very on trend in this, the Queen’s Jubilee year and Olympics year.

The three superb lead singers, James Aconley, Katie Gregson and Rebekah Kelly, are excellent and blend very well together.

Music to suit every taste, High School Musical and Glee for the younger ones, Dream Boats and Petticoats for us oldies to tap our feet to.

A great afternoon’s entertainment, do go and take the kids, you won’t regret it. It really deserves a little more advertising around the borough council sites and particularly outside the theatre itself.

Thank you James, Katie and Rebekah for a job very well done, good luck for the rest of your summer season.

H Walsh

J Bulman