Excellent work of the carers

Flooding emphasises crucial role of social care workers.

The recent upheaval caused by flooding has again served to highlight the excellent and unsung work that is done by carers working in the public and independent sector in the UK.

Over the past few days there have been many examples of homecarers wading through water or taking a boat to reach clients all but cut off by the terrible floods.

Care homes have been amongst the victims of the floods and staff have had to cope. Elsewhere staff have struggled to get to their care home because of the weather.

Alongside the work done by emergency services, this selfless action to ensure clients get the care they so badly need, is typical of the work that throughout the year goes unnoticed.

There has this year been a lot of bad publicity about cases where care has not been up to the standard that we all want to see.

The determination and commitment shown in recent days, coupled with the hard work that carers will put in during the coming Christmas and New Year holidays, is more typical of the excellent care that is delivered all year round. That deserves to be highlighted as prominently as the bad news.

Mike Padgham, Chairman

Independent Care Group (York and North Yorkshire)

Eastfield House