EXCLUSIVE: Hip operations to be moved to Bridlington.

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All planned orthopaedic surgery, including hip operations, will soon be carried out in Bridlington not Scarborough, the Scarborough News has learned.

Emergency surgery will be carried out in the town but patients will now have to travel 20 miles down the road.

One Scarborough Councillor has branded the move as ‘absurd’.

Councillor Andrew Jenkinson, who himself has underwent a hip operation at Scarborough Hospital just two weeks ago, said: “It is a brilliant service there and I don’t know what the trust are doing by sending it away.

“As a patient, as a very satisfied patient it just strikes me as being absolutely absurd.

“I have been speaking to staff at the hospital and they are distraught.

“I have made my fellow councillors aware of it and it will be going before our health committee.”

The York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said that planned operations for orthopaedic patients on the East Coast will soon be delivered at Bridlington Hospital.

Patrick Crowley, Chief Executive of the trust said: “It is increasingly evident that demand for beds for emergency admissions is growing year on year, and is likely to get worse over time.

“This causes us to cancel operations, which is clearly not ideal for our patients, frustrating for our staff, and potentially endangers the sustainability and longer-term future of some of our elective services on the Scarborough site.

“The amount of accommodation available at Bridlington Hospital provides us with the opportunity for a new orthopaedic ward and theatre complex designed around the needs of our patients.

“Kent ward has been refurbished to create an elective orthopaedic facility in readiness for this move, and a modular operating theatre is due to be installed at Bridlington Hospital to enable this to happen more quickly.

“Some sessions are already being delivered at Bridlington, with more due to start in the coming months. This gives us the opportunity to realise our aspiration of becoming an Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence, and to use

Bridlington Hospital to its full potential, whilst better serving our emergency patients on the Scarborough site.

“The orthopaedic service in Scarborough has a well deserved national profile and a fantastic reputation in terms of both patient experience and for delivering a high quality, efficient service. This is due to the staff’s dedication and motivation, and we will ensure that they are supported throughout this development to ensure we can safeguard their service for the benefit of people on the East Coast for years to come.”

Some orthopaedic surgery, including emergency cases, will continue to take place at Scarborough Hospital.