Exhibiting the footsteps of giants . . .

Footprint of small omnivorous bipedal dinosaur, approx 1m tall.
Footprint of small omnivorous bipedal dinosaur, approx 1m tall.

SCARBOROUGH’S Jurassic age is set to come back to life in a striking new exhibition.

Scarborough Lost Dinosaurs features around 200 footprints from the giant creatures, which roamed across Scarborough 165 million years ago.

The exhibition, at the Rotunda Museum, includes artefacts collected across the Scarborough area in the last 25 years.

The pieces have been donated to Scarborough Museums Trust by collectors and geologists Dr Mike Romano and Dr Martin Whyte from Sheffield University.

They said: “We have been carrying out a detailed study of the Middle Jurassic dinosaur tracks and trackways of the Cleveland Basin. This megatracksite is of particular significance because of the global dearth of dinosaur fossils from rocks of this age.

“We wanted to give our collections to Scarborough because it is an entirely appropriate location and a safe repository for the specimens, which will be available for public display and for future research.”

Shirley Collier, chief executive for Scarborough Museums Trust, added: “The exhibition will bring this amazing period of earth history to life.

“For the first time ever, nearly all of the dinosaur bones found on our coastline will be on display in one place.

“They may be small in number but they more than make up for it in importance and rarity.”

The exhibition runs from Saturday May 26 until September 2013.

The museum will be closed until Friday this week for artefact installation.