Explore the realms of magic and experience an enchanted afternoon tea in North Yorkshire

We are all familiar with an afternoon tea '“ but North Shire has cast its own spell to create the treat with a sprinkle of magic.

Friday, 12th October 2018, 5:01 pm
Updated Saturday, 13th October 2018, 3:05 am
Owners Karl and Carol Cavendish with Kim Moody and Polly Alton

The family farm, located at Liverton on the North York Moors, has recently expanded to create the Green Dragon Pie House and Tea Room.

The exclusive enchanted afternoon tea incorporates sweet and savoury to satisfy every magical craving.

Owners Karl and Carol Cavendish with Kim Moody and Polly Alton

To begin, the savoury portion includes miniature Green Dragon hot pies with mash potato, peas and gravy; sausage rolls, finger sandwiches and toadstool canapes.

And then for the naughty side, magical witches cupcakes; queen of hearts jam tarts and chocolate wand.

It comes complete with endless tea or coffee and then for the finale, a special Green Dragon hot chocolate with its own giant melting marshmallow buried beneath a generous helping of whipped cream and topped off with a sprinkle of magic dust.

The North Shire Dragons, as they are known, will welcome you to the cafe; they include manager Polly Alton, Kim Moody, Eleanor Marshall, Ryan Nesbitt, Charlie Cavendish and groundkeeper Alan Pennock.

There's sure to be a copy of the Whitby Gazette in the cafe!

The 60-seat cafe also serves hot and cold drinks along with homemade pies, cakes and scones seven-days-a-week.

As part of the afternoon tea, local businesses are also incorporated as the sausage rolls and pies are made by Velveteen Rabbit and chocolate wands are made by Chocolini’s, Saltburn.

The journey to create a magical escape has not been as easy as a flick of a wand.

The new tearoom took almost three years to come to fruition. As business entrepreneur Carol Cavendish explains her “horror”; she said: “We had all the money taken that we invested into the building.

The Green Dragon Pie House and Tea Room

“We had to take the builder to court, and it made me so ill.

“We were scraping pennies out of jars to buy simple things like bread and milk. For a young business it taught us a lot. It was horrific. We had three young children and we could not buy the presents for their birthdays or anything.”

The family have now put the heartbreak behind them as their dream has now became a reality.

Not only does the tea room stand proud as part of North Shire, but the family do too.

Owner Carol Cavendish

The versatile setting is also a licensed wedding venue and there are also plans to hold business ceremonies to teach people how to start their own business.

Carol and her husband Karl Cavendish want to help people to “live their dream” as “there isn’t much help out there to learn how to start a business”.

North Shire has been restored and rebuilt by Carol and Karl Cavendish since they bought the former Bunnyland in 2010.

Carol said: “We inherited 200 rabbits and guinea pigs, six cats, seven cockerels and a peacock.”

The couple from Sheffield made the move after searching for the perfect place to build a new life when they found the farm.

“I knew it was the place when I saw it although it needed a lot doing.

Owners Karl and Carol Cavendish welcome you to the Green Dragon Pie House and Tea Room

“It was asleep and we woke it up.”

North Shire is a play on words and evokes the old English countryside where it is situated in North – York – Shire.

North Shire, as it is known now, began three years ago and is now “a little magical haven”, as Carol describes it.

With a blank canvas she wanted to go down the “fairytale route” and “create a magical place for families with children”.

The Green Dragon Pie House and Tea Room joins a range of accommodation that has many hidden secrets.

The farm has its own Hobbit House, and Storybook Cottage, featuring Narnia inspired wardrobe and staircase painted with books. There are also Shepherds’ Huts, Showman Gypsy Caravans along with caravan and camping facilities.

North Shire is an “escape from the real world” for families that visit but is also home to the Cavendish family including Carol, Karl, Daisy, Charlie, Rosie, Holly and Poppy.

The new arrival is the first of many new attractions which will be located at the farm ... but what could be next?

The Green Dragon Pie House and Tea Room