Fairtrade needs you to volunteer

A LOCAL green group needs a volunteer to take care of its website after the previous Webmaster moved out of the area.

Trevor Jordan was responsible for the upkeep of the website of the Borough of Scarborough Fairtrade Group but he is moving to Northamptonshire.

Chris Fairchild, the group’s media officer, said they were looking for a new volunteer to take over the running of the site.

He said: “We are looking for a volunteer with an interest in Fairtrade and a working knowledge of building and running websites.

“Trevor can transfer the working of the website to the new Webmaster if that’s suitable, or we could rebuild it from scratch.”

Last month saw the group celebrate the annual Fairtrade Fortnight with the launch of a special directory of outlets in the Scarborough area and with a number of events arranged in local churches and schools.

The organisation aims to ensure a fair deal for producers in the Third World by paying better prices and providing decent working conditions.

Scarborough became a Fairtrade Borough in June 2008 and the directory contains more than 100 businesses.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Chris at Fairchild’s at the Cheeseboard, 21 Victoria Road, Scarborough.