Family event to mark Scarborough's role during world wars

Discover the role Scarborough played during the world wars this weekend at the castle.
Discover the role Scarborough played during the world wars this weekend at the castle.

Scarborough Castle is hosting a weekend of interactive history commemorating the legacy left behind in the town by both world wars.

Members of the public can visit soldiers in their camps, watch thrilling displays and re-enactments to learn how the castle survived through this turbulent period.

In 1914, the German High Seas Fleet crept through the misty northeastern sea to launch surprise attacks on the coastal villages of Whitby, Hartlepool and Scarborough.

Enormous guns swivelled to face the latter, bombarding it with fire; and Scarborough Castle was in the front line. Horrified, the British public called for the nation to ‘Remember Scarborough,’ using this as a push to recruit more men to the military. Visitors can discover the damage to the castle and the surrounding area in the World War zone, and through a theatrical presentation of the events of 1914, alongside a pyrotechnic re-enactment of the bombardment.

The event will include demolitions, showing how grenades, bazookas and dynamites were implemented in war, all demonstrated by our expert pyro-technicians.

There will also be a chance to look at the different weapons used during the war, ranging from machine guns to pistols, as well as vehicles.

A World War II battle, pitting British and German forces against each other as they vie to conquer the castle, will take place too with fun for the whole family.

Site manager Simon Roe said: “The fascinating history of Scarborough Castle’s wartime story makes this into a thrilling tale of explosions, machine guns and battle. Our pyrotechnics will really bring this to life, enthralling the whole family in these mesmerising displays of war. We can’t wait to welcome everyone to Remember Scarborough with us this summer.”

Proceedings take place on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 August from 11am to 5pm.