Family happy as pet returns

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A SCARBOROUGH family has been reunited with their beloved Husky dog after an unexpected twist of fate.

Loki, who will be two in May, is back with her original owners after being mistreated by a new owner in Middlesbrough.

Penny Smith-Simpson, of Sherburn, said the family was heartbroken when they had to rehome Loki in October due to a change in their circumstances.

The full-time mum said: “We went through the breeder and the new owner was vetted by the RSPCA.

“But since then we have found out that the owner had beaten the dog and tied her up next to the roadside.”

When Loki was found wandering the streets of Middlesbrough by the local authority she was underweight and in poor condition.

But luckily she was microchipped and when the chip was scanned, the old details came up for Miss Smith-Simpson.

She said: “We were over the moon to get her back as we didn’t really want to give her up in the first place.

“She’s the best dog ever so we were chuffed to bits – especially my son James.

“Loki remembered us all and came straight up to James and gave him a big lick.”

Miss Smith-Simpson said she was heartbroken when she heard what had happened, but was delighted to have Loki back as their circumstances had changed again.

She said: “She was in a pretty bad way. She was so thin and bedraggled and looked like she hadn’t been bathed or brushed in years.

“She’s quite nervous but is settling down now.

“We’re spoiling her at the moment – she’s so loving and affectionate and the whole family are chuffed to have her back.”

The family, along with staff at Companion Care Vets, which is located inside Pets at Home in Seamer Road, is hoping that Loki’s story will raise awareness about the importance of microchipping.

Veterinary nurse Rebecca Robinson said: “If Loki had not been microchipped she would never have been reunited with her owners.

“A free microchip is always included in our puppy and kitten vaccination courses and Loki had hers back in July 2009.”