Family in row over big freeze

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A SCARBOROUGH grandmother says she was forced to move her daughter and three-week-old grandson out of their home after being left with no heating or hot water.

Heather Webberley, who is a Sanctuary Housing tenant, says the family were left in the situation for weeks after the boiler broke down.

The family, who live in Hawthorn Walk, Eastfield, have been living at Mrs Webberley’s partner’s house since baby Lewis was born as their own property was too cold.

The 50 year old said: “Leanne had to come straight out of hospital into a freezing cold house. The only heating we’ve had is from a gas fire in the living room.

“It’s disgusting - my daughter has asthma and has ended up back in hospital with chest pains which were put down to stress.”

Mrs Webberley added that she had experienced problems with the boiler and heating system since moving into the house seven years ago.

She said: “I’ve reported the problems but the central heating is just haywire. Now I’ve been told I need a new boiler, but not how long it will be.”

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Housing said: “Our contractor visited Mrs Webberley within 24 hours of the fault with her boiler being reported and successfully resolved the problem. Mrs Webberley discovered a new fault and contacted us on January 25. We arranged to fix it the next day but unfortunately there was no response when our contractor called and we were unable to gain access to the property.

“This was repeated when Mrs Webberley rebooked the visit. We turned up the following day only to find that no-one was around and so we were unable to fix the problem.

“A third appointment was arranged for February 2 with Mrs Webberley and this time our contractor was able to gain entry and he successfully repaired the boiler. Unfortunately, since then there has been an additional problem and we have established that it would be best to replace the boiler.

“We are pleased to confirm we have arranged with Mrs Webberley to fit a new replacement boiler today.”