Family's upset over death driver's continued drug use

Alex Baron
Alex Baron

The family of Alex Baron have spoken of their anguish at his killer's continued use of drugs after he caused their son's fatal crash.

Mr Baron’s family released a statement voicing their “infuriation” with Backhouse.

Christopher Backhouse with stepfather Councillor Andrew Backhouse, the former Mayor of Scarborough.

Christopher Backhouse with stepfather Councillor Andrew Backhouse, the former Mayor of Scarborough.

Backhouse, whose stepfather Andrew Backhouse is leader of the Conservative Group on Scarborough Council and a former mayor of the borough, was said to have given the highest drugs reading seen by North Yorkshire Police, 130 times over the legal limit.

Last September, he had been was spared jail for drug dealing after a plea by his father to the judge.

The court heard then that he was then tempted into the sordid world of drug dealing while his father was still Mayor.

In a statement Mr Baron's family said: “To learn that the driver of the car had been found with a very high level of an illegal substance in his system was difficult to comprehend, the thought of someone being so irresponsible and the fact that this accident could have been so easily prevented, infuriates us.

“We understand that this was a group of friends returning home from a weekend away together and we take some comfort from the fact that the driver has acknowledged responsibility for our son’s death, but knowing that the driver continued to misuse drugs after this accident clearly shows his lack of empathy.”

The family’s statement added: “Alex was the youngest of our three sons, he was enjoying life to the full having only recently returned from Australia a few weeks before his untimely death.

“Alex was very popular, he had many friends and had grown up to be a thoughtful and helpful young man and this was evident by his charity work.

“Alex will not be forgotten by any of his friends and family who loved and cared for him so very much, his passing has left a huge void in so many lives that can never be filled, we would like everyone that knew Alex to remember him for his fun loving nature and recall him with fond memories.”

At last year’s hearing, Backhouse, whose mother Susan is also a former Scarborough councillor, was given a nine month suspended sentence for dealing in Class B drugs, and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work.

His father told the judge at that hearing: “Unfortunately, he got on legal highs and changed the job he’d had for years. He became a bit of a nomad. He would leave home and come back two or three days later.

“He was just not there. He became aggressive and did not speak about things.

“He was in a deep hole. More recently, we have seen him come out of that. This has been a massive wake up call.”