Family tribute to founder of agency

Hannah Levy ... "an incredible woman"
Hannah Levy ... "an incredible woman"

TRIBUTES have been paid to a former magistrate who founded Scarborough’s first employment agency.

Hannah Levy died on August 23 in Leeds after a long battle with ill health.

And her daughter, Diane, has spoken warmly about her “dynamic, humorous and hard working” mother.

She said: “She was a supportive mother and she absolutely loved Scarborough.

“She loved the theatre and she loved the people in the town.

“She was an incredible woman.”

Mrs Levy was born in Manchester, before moving to London aged four after the death of her father.

An “incredibly talented girl”, she had success at school and got her first job at a magazine as a horoscope writer.

She had various other jobs as a writer and as a journalist, and according to Diane, writing was her “great passion in life.”

Her writing career was put on hold during World War Two. However, it was during the war when she was working as a messenger that she met the love of her life, her husband George.

Diane said: “They met after she was sent to deliver a message to my dad, who was due to be meeting another girl for a drink. The message was that the other woman wasn’t able to make it, so my dad took my mother out instead!”

The couple married just before the end of the war, moved up to Scarborough and had two children, Diane and Judith. They moved back to London in 1958 before moving back to Scarborough six years later, and it was these moves that gave her the idea that would define her career.

She formed the Castle Employment Agency after working for an employment agency in London, and she set it up shortly after her move back to Scarborough.

She ran the agency for several years, before turning her attention to the courts, and served as a magistrate in Scarborough for several years, as well as serving as the President of Soroptomist International

Diane said: “She was proud of everything she did. She was a real business woman and a real hard worker.”

A celebration of Hannah’s life will be held in Scarborough in October.