Farewell to Sir Jim

ICONIC Scarborough celebrity Sir Jimmy Savile received a warm reception as his funeral procession went through the town today.

Hundreds of fans and onlookers lined Esplanade and Foreshore Road as his funeral procession moved slowly past around noon.

Ripples of spontaneous applause began ringing out as his casket travelled along the route to Marine Drive and on to Woodlands Cemetery.

Fans and well wishers queued up to pay their respects to the Jim’ll Fix It star, hailing him as a “ambassador” for Scarborough and praised his tireless charity work.

Sandra Duffy, from Westwood, said: “He was a great character and good for the town.

“He was the epitome of bling and did so much for charity too.”

Sally Appleyard, from South Cliff, said: “He will be talked about for years to come and will be in the history books for everything he has done.”

Patricia and Alan Jenkins, from Crossgates were also watching in Foreshore Road.

Mrs Jenkins added: “Our children grew up watching Jim’ll Fix It and he was such a great ambassador for everything that is good.”

Sir Jim will be buried in a gold-coloured casket and at a 45 degree angle so he can “see the sea”.