Fawlty Towers laughs with the Limelight

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A NIGHT of laughter is on the menu at a Scarborough pub as special guests cause comedy chaos.

The Limelight Company, based in Scarborough, is running a number of themed theatrical evenings across the town.

The cast is heading to the Crown Tavern, in Falsgrave, on February 12, for a Fawlty Towers night.

Combining snippets from the popular television series the show will feature adaptations of famous scenes, complete with Basil, Manuel, Sybil and Polly.

Colette Timmons, who runs the Limelight Company, said: “With the company we have been running murder mystery nights for a lot of years.

“We ran a Fawlty Towers themed one and it went down really well so we decided to start running Fawlty Towers themed nights.

“The evenings include a meal, and actors will be performing for the guests as they eat.

“It is just a laugh from start to finish.

“There will be all the favourite characters, and the Major with his Waldorf Salad.

“It is all good clean honest fun, which we enjoy doing as much as people enjoy watching.

“And as you can guess there will be no mention of the War!”

The company is also performing Fawlty Towers at the Park Manor Hotel, however tickets for the event have already sold out.