Fidget’s a lucky find

THIS friendly cat called Fidget was reunited with his owner after being found in a cat box in Scarborough.

The eight-year-old male was abandoned outside the RSPCA shop in Victoria Road and taken to Alma Vets in Alma Square.

He was then examined by veterinary surgeon Peter Calow, and found to be microchipped.

Mr Calow said: “The patient was an apparently elderly male ginger and white cat, who was blind, had wobbly rear legs and infected ears.

“The cat was listed on the microchip register to an owner in Rotherham, who we then managed to contact on the phone.

“He related that he had later passed the cat to a carer when moving from Rotherham to Kenilworth, Warwickshire, fearing that the cat would not cope with the long move.”

“The carer is thought to have passed Fidget to someone in Scarborough, who presumably eventually left him outside the local RSPCA.”

When Fidget’s original owner heard the news, he dashed up from Kenilworth on Monday to reclaim his pet.

Mr Calow said: “He was overjoyed to see his former pet again and has now taken Fidget back to Kenilworth, where he is apparently doing well.

“This is a nice illustration of the value of microchips, and a somewhat roundabout journey for this very friendly cat.”