Fight for health services

I and many others would be horrified if the new Clinical Commissioning Group for our area was foolish enough to offer parts of our health provision to private companies. They may offer to save money, but nevertheless, they will want profit too, so if you factor in their take, and a lower cost to start with that will leave so much less to spend on the actual service.

Despite the desire of doctors to do their best for the health of patients in their area, and their undoubted abilities in many fields, I think when the reality of business hits home they will be appalled at the way the ‘partnerships’ they might set up will strip assets and services and cynically take money out wherever they can.

Already we have seen what can happen when provision for the elderly goes private.

There is a constitutional amendment drawn up with the backing of 38 Degrees, who campaign ceaselessly on many issues. (It was their petition which was largely responsible for saving national forests from being sold off I believe) These amendments would protect the NHS if adopted by the CCGs.

I sincerely hope they will listen. There is Government pressure to go private, and then when services are cut, they will say, ‘It’s nothing to do with us- your Clinical Commissioning Group is allocating the funds.’ It’s a cup of poison really, which is being handed on to these CCGs.

John Dickinson

Castle Gardens