Filey flood fear is raised over scheme

Filey Floods....'Vehicles make their way through deep standing water on Muston Road.'072954e
Filey Floods....'Vehicles make their way through deep standing water on Muston Road.'072954e

CONCERNS over a repeat of the devastating floods which hit Filey in 2002 and 2007 have been raised as planners discussed a proposed housing development for the town.

Developers behind the plan for 300 homes on land off Muston Road had asked for approval for a planned drainage scheme for the site.

Planning officer Paul Cooper had recommended that the application be approved because it met the specification required by the Environment Agency. He added: “Overall, drainage remains a key issue for residents of Filey.”

The plan included a series of swales, or depressions in the landscape, to channel away excess surface water as well as a lagoon to hold rainwater which would be recycled and reused by residents of the new estate.

Filey mayor Cllr Richard Walker said that during 2007 floods more than 200 properties were affected. He added that the town council had asked for the lagoon to be larger and there were concerns about the planting around it.

He said: “We have grave concerns that it will not be a deterrent for children. We have concerns that there are a number of health and safety issues with regard to the lagoon.”

Cllr Mike Cockerill, the chairman of the chairman of the Filey Flood Working Group, said that Filey was prone to flooding because it was built on clay.

Cllr Jane Mortimer, the Planning Committee chairman, said the swales could be a natural part of the landscape. She added: “The lagoon is going to be full at certain times and I can see it will run dry during the summer.”

Nick Read, from Scarborough Council’s Planning Department, said that it was important to remember that in 2002 and 2007 there were no drainage system in place so the new addition would be an improvement.

Andy Crossley, the council’s flood and coastal engineer, said: “There will be minimal risk of flooding to properties. As an officer we have to go by the design guidelines that are published.”

Councillors voted in favour of the drainage scheme.