Filey Road residents enjoy some peace and quiet thanks to new diversion

SCARBOROUGH'S new bypass has made life a lot more enjoyable for residents on a former commuter route.

Motorists travelling to and from Scarborough along the A165 used to use Filey Road, along the outskirts of Osgodby, before the 2.6-mile Scarborough to Lebberston Diversion was opened in December.

Since then the volume of traffic has reduced and other associated problems, such as trying to join the flow of traffic, have also disappeared.

Albert Trenham, a 79-year-old retired garage owner from Cornelian Drive, said the new link road had made it easier for residents to get on to Filey Road but there were still tailbacks along the new bypass.

He said: “I noticed it this morning, at the new roundabout, there was a queue of traffic that you still get going into town. We used to have a job getting out at times. I used to sit there for 10 minutes.

“My neighbours have said that they are highly delighted because they can get out alright. It was dangerous but there’s no problem here now. If the park and ride system works then that will make a difference.”

Chris Curtis, a 45-year-old technician who lives in Filey Road, said the road had been fine since the traffic started using the new route. He said: “The traffic’s much lighter and much quieter. It’s easier to get out of the drive now. It’s safer for the residents here.

“It’s much better for the residents and commuters have probably got it worse at the moment. The traffic is backing up from the roundabout down the bypass.”

Stuart Carter, a 66-year-old cyclist and retired design engineer from Sea View Grove, said it was now better for cyclists but could be dangerous for motorists waiting at the roundabout. He said: “Vehicles coming down the hill don’t look as though they want to stop. But it’s much safer otherwise.”

Robin Batten, 68, who has lived in Filey Road for the past 30 years, said the new arrangement was a lot better for everyone living along the former commuter route from both noise and safety angles.

He said: “There were times when it was difficult to get out of your drive. It’s the wrong time of year to be able to judge the situation. Peak times will be Easter and particularly the summer.

“We will just have to wait and see and I still have some reservations about it but it is more pleasant now.”

Dominic North, a 39-year-old printer’s assistant from Filey Road, says he’s pleased with the result. He said: “It’s just a lot quieter and it’s easier for us to pull out on to the road.”

Rose Cockerton, of Filey Road, said it was a vast improvement. She said: “It’s a lot quieter and you don’t see as many lorries.

“It’s much easier to get out. Before we used to have to wait ages to get out.”

But Cllr Phil King, the chairman of Osgodby Parish Council, said several residents elsewhere had raised concerns over increased noise and traffic pollution.

He added that because the route of the A165 had changed, and now travelled through the centre of the village, people were noticing the traffic more. “We have put in sound monitoring equipment in place and we are pushing that,” he said.

“It’s like a racetrack. You can hear them revving their cars. On the plus side there’s certainly not as much traffic coming through the village but what is coming through is quicker and they are trying to use it as a short cut.”

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