Filming gets under way for a German TV drama

German film cre filiming in Scarborough
German film cre filiming in Scarborough

FILMING has taken place in Scarborough for a two-part drama titled The Other Child.

German crews have been filming at Aquarium Top and other locations in town and will continue working in Scarborough, on and off, until June 8.

The script is based on the novel of the same name by Charlotte Link.

It deals with the story of child psychologist, Leslie Kramer, who after her divorce is looking forward to spending a few days with her grandmother in Scarborough to help clear her mind.

As Leslie arrives a student is murdered and just days later another body is found on the cliff tops. The second body turns out to be her grandmother, Fiona.

Then at her oldest friend‘s engagement party, Leslie begins to unravel a dark family secret.

A spokeswoman for the production said: “The first two days of shooting took place in Scarborough and have been very successful.

“We moved over to Newcastle on Saturday and will also keep on shooting in and around Scarborough. The last week of shooting will be in the studio in Berlin.”