Final stage of TV switchover today

Digital switchover... have you had problems?
Digital switchover... have you had problems?

PEOPLE in Scarborough are being advised to re-tune their TV sets from today as part of the final stage of the digital switchover.

All remaining analogue channels – BBC One, ITV1, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – have now been permanently switched off to allow for additional digital channels.

The two-phase process started two weeks ago and overnight all terrestrial TV services were off air and are expected to be restored by mid-morning today.

As a result all Freeview, BT Vision and Top Up TV viewers will need to re-tune their equipment today.

Shaun Walton, the manager of Walker’s Euronics shop in St Thomas Street, said that by yesterday they had already taken more than 100 calls from people asking for help with the re-tune. He said: “This is the final phase. If you’ve got no picture then give us a ring.”

He added that staff would try to help people through the steps of the re-tune where they could and there were also three vehicles covering the area throughout the day. “If it’s something we can discuss over the phone we can talk them through it step-by-step – but sometimes it’s not easy,” he said.

Mr Walton advised people to refer to their set’s instruction book rather than a general guide issued by the Government because it was too general and every model was different.

And, from today people should notice a better TV signal with the power from the Oliver’s Mount transmitter boosted by 20 times the strength. Mr Walton added: “People that have had bad reception should see an improvement.”

Walker’s received an estimated 500 telephone enquiries during Scarborough’s first phase of the switchover earlier this month.

There will be a Digital UK roadshow parked in Westborough today until 5pm which will provide help and advice to customers.

Advisors will also be able to give tips on how to re-tune your equipment and they may also be able to advise elderly and vulnerable people how they can receive free help with the switchover.

Around 31,000 homes, which are covered by the Oliver’s Mount transmitter, and a further 1,900 homes covered by a transmitter in Hunmanby are affected by the changes.

Most aerials will still work with the digital services and there is no need to fork out for a new TV set – most will be able to receive digital signals with the addition of a freeview box.

l For further information about the switchover contact Digital UK on 08456 505050 or visit