Final whistle at the McCain

The former Boro ground now devoid of its stands. Pictures by James Hunter
The former Boro ground now devoid of its stands. Pictures by James Hunter

FULL-TIME has been called at the McCain Stadium as demolition work on the ground has finally ended.

These pictures show what was the site of Scarborough FC’s beloved ground before the bulldozers completed the job of demolition.

Work on the demolition ended late last week when the stadium’s floodlights were removed.

Former Scarborough FC fanzine editor James Hunter told the Evening News that seeing the site empty had left him feeling “emotional” after visiting the ground for the final time.

Mr Hunter had previously resisted the temptation to visit the ground after the club folded in 2007.

However, he couldn’t resist the lure to say a final farewell to what truly was the theatre of dreams for thousands of die-hard Scarborough fans.

He said: “My first thoughts when I saw it was that it looked like a bomb had gone off.

“Then I started taking a look around the site, thinking to myself ‘This is where I was for that goal and this is where I watched that match.’”

Mr Hunter is now involved with Scarborough Athletic, and believes that things are finally looking up for football in the town following news that the council hopes to have a new ground in Scarborough by 2014, possibly in the proposed sporting village in Weaponness.

He said: “It was sad to see the ground like that, but the council have been making the right noises about Weaponness so hopefully something will come from it.”

Fans may still have the chance to pay their goodbyes to the east and west stands, as the stands’ new owners, rugby league side Featherstone Rovers, have invited Scarborough fans to attend a free VIP day at Featherstone next season.