Five-year battle for new homes at an end

The long-running saga around a dilapidated old farm in Gristhorpe is set to finally reach its conclusion.

The farmhouse at 6, Main Street has been the subject of planning applications dating back to 2009 and on Thursday last week Scarborough Borough Council’s planning and development committee approved a 
reserved matters application into the scale of landscaping of six new homes which will be built on the land.

Despite being in the conservation area, the farmhouse will be demolished after it was proven to be in a dangerous condition.

Chairman of the committee, Cllr Jane Mortimer, said: “There is no question that the farmhouse has fallen into a great state of disrepair and is now dangerous. It will be good that something can be built there to 
improve the look of the area and to provide new homes.”

A neighbour to the scheme had objected on the principle that their home would be overlooked by one of the 
new builds.

In response to this the committee amended its decision to ensure that one window in the property would have the highest possible grade of opacity so that people in the new 
house cannot see into 
the existing home.

Ramshill councillor and planning committee member Amanda Robinson asked why homes had to be built on the site. She said: “Surely the site can be made safe and cleared without having to have homes built on it?”

She was told by Cllr Mortimer that it was illegal to demolish or fully clear a site in the conservation area.