Flamingo Land zoo column with Lindsay Taylor

For many people a zoo is the only place to see exotic animals close up.
For many people a zoo is the only place to see exotic animals close up.

A visit to the zoo can be a very enjoyable day out, but it can be a great place to learn too!

For many people a zoo is the only place where they are able to view exotic animals within a fairly close distance.

This allows guests to see some incredible animals in real-life and be able to witness animals displaying a variety of heights, colours, smells, sounds and behaviours.

For schools and community groups that wish to enhance their learning while they are here, we have an education team to deliver activities.

By having a member of the education team leading a tour of the zoo means that they know which routes to take, are able to describe the animals within the zoo and answer the many bizarre questions which school children can often come up with!

This takes the pressure off of the teachers and makes sure that the children get the most out of their visit.

For groups which require a more focused topic, we offer a variety of indoor workshops within our Education Centre which are designed to be interactive by involving props, artefacts, games and sometimes live animals.

This helps to engage the children and provides an experience which they are unable to have during a typical lesson at school.

Our new workshops for 2017 include the Explorers Quest and African Rangers.

These are both cross-curricular therefore are a great way of linking together multiple topics from school.

Our team often receive great feedback and many schools return to us year after year. We offer a significantly reduced rate for schools requiring a zoo-only visit and more information can be found through our website.

For those children who are home educated, we are running two dates in 2017. We received good feedback from the ones we ran in 2016, therefore have decided to continue running these days in 2017.

By inviting the families on the same days means that we can offer some of the activities that we offer for school groups.

This allows these children to have a learning experience away from home which will hopefully enhance their learning, and they will also meet other families who home educate, so it is a great networking experience too.