Flighty Falsgrave flirts

Budgies Oscar (blue) and Avril (yellow)
Budgies Oscar (blue) and Avril (yellow)

Oscar and Avril are the best of friends...most of the time.

Here the flirty Falsgrave twosome are pictured enjoying a peck on the beak, but sometimes Avril is left spitting her yellow feathers at Oscar’s affection.

Owner Jordan Fergus said: “Sometimes they fight and Avril pulls Oscar’s tail, but most of the time they get along really well. They kiss all the time, Oscar really loves Avril and she gets a bit annoyed with that sometimes.”

The budgies even delight their owner with their special talents.

When not kissing, Avril can be seen shooting hoops with her basketball toy or trying to play with her shadow, which she mistakes for another bird.

Meanwhile Oscar the would-be singer can be heard trying to imitate the theme tunes to Match of the Day and the Big Bang Theory.

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