Fliss sets up shop after ‘falling in love’ with Scarborough


A Fresh outlook on Eastborough includes a new natural products shop, run by a 
woman who fell in love with Scarborough while looking to open her first business somewhere in Yorkshire.

Fliss Cater has opened Fresh Naturals, her first “real” shop after running it as an online store since 2016.

Over the past few months several new shops have opened up on Eastborough, and the council is trying to push it, together with the market hall, as a destination in its own right, rather than just the road leading to the beach.

Fliss said: “I started in 2016 after years of trying to find products to ease minor skin 
irritations – this led me to Lush, where a slight obsession broke my bank accoun

“I couldn’t afford Lush all the time (or many of the natural brands) so I started looking for better value handmade, natural skincare and bath products. I ended up buying most of my skincare at craft and gift fairs and markets.

“But the lack of choice and consistency frustrated me – if you ran out of a product, there was no guarantee you would ever find it again as many independent soap and skincare crafters don’t have websites, or even show up at the same fairs and markets consistently. Buying your favourite products regularly was difficult.

“So Fresh Naturals became an online marketplace for smaller, independent soap and skincare producers. I started sourcing products from all over the country (and had a blast testing everything out!).

“All suppliers go through a checking process to make sure the quality of their products are second to none, and I have a ‘Natural Code’ they must adhere to which ensures the products use only the finest natural ingredients, are never tested on animals (and use Cruelty Free suppliers of raw ingredients), and actually work.

“The website started to take off, so when the time came to consider opening a shop I spent a year researching towns in Yorkshire – and absolutely fell in love with Scarborough. Everyone is so friendly, and supportive of new businesses. The sense of community here is fantastic, and has really confirmed that Scarborough is such a great opportunity for any new retail business.”

Fliss is from Leeds, and the shortlist for her first shop included Knaresborough, Ilkley, Headingley, Bridlington, Whitby and Scarborough. “I completely fell in love with Scarborough and relocated just before Christmas last year, setting up shop in spring this year – and I never want to go back to Leeds!

“I’ve had some amazing feedback from residents and visitors alike. I’m already busy sourcing loads of new products as a result of requests from 
locals, and I’m launching a loyalty scheme to reward support from local residents.”

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