Flooding affects threatened field

Moor Lane field after the the latest downpour this weekend.
Moor Lane field after the the latest downpour this weekend.

THE FIELD at the centre of an affordable housing storm has been flooded after a non-stop downpour battered Scarborough.

Residents near Moor Lane Field were forced to don wellies after torrential rain turned the popular Newby playing field into a quagmire.

Scarborough Council has previously proposed that it be sold off to developers wanting to build 48 homes at the bottom of the field.

Residents have vehemently opposed the plans, saying the land is unsuitable for development due to its past problems with flooding. And this latest flood has only served to strengthen their argument that the land isn’t suited to house families.

Campaigner and local resident Hazel Bassett ventured out on to the marshy field to take pictures of the flooding, and she described the flooding as “crazy”.

She added: “The flooding is one of our major concerns with these proposals, and the field is a bog everywhere you walk.

“This will happen at least once a year. We just need to have a reasonable amount of rain and the field is totally flooded. It’s totally unsuitable to build on.”

Mrs Bassett said the flooding was so deep that within minutes of walking on the land, the water had soaked through her socks.

Newby ward representative Cllr Andrew Jenkinson believes the issue is “a no brainer”.

He added: “I went for a walk up there last night, and I just thought to myself, ‘those poor devils’.

“The development needs to be knocked on the head. It’s absurd.”

It is understood that the proposed sale will be on the agenda for the full borough council meeting in May.

A council spokesperson said: “As with any type of development, planning permission would need to be sought and as part of this, flood risk assessments and drainage issues are looked into.”

The weekend rain caused chaos throughout the town, with several roads affected.

The main road from the Lebberston roundabout petrol station to Gristhorpe roundabout was shut, with cars diverted past the Blue Dolphin caravan park.

Scalby Road was also closed after flooding.

Water there was so deep that 58-year-old resident John Saville took his canoe on to the makeshift pond.