Floods bring misery

A MAJOR clean-up operation was continuing today after the biggest floods in living memory.

The damage bill from Scarborough and Filey is likely to run into seven figures.

More than 400 calls were made to the fire and rescue service in Scarborough in a few hours.

Production has still not been able to resume at several factories in the Eastfield area where vital equipment is still being tested.

One of the worst hit places was Pindar School where the ground floor of the building was flooded.

Stephen Webb, the caretaker at Pindar School, said: "The water came racing across the playing fields with such a force that it smashed some doors at the side and lifted up the concrete floors.

"Three boilers have been ruined. Water covered the whole of the ground floor and in places it was 8in deep.

"At one stage I was almost trapped myself inside the building. Some of the water is contaminated by sewage and computers have also been damaged."

Peasholm Park overflowed so much that mud and dirty poured flooded into Atlantic water theme park.

Staff have emptied and cleaned the pool and it is not likely to reopen again until later this week.

The nearby miniature railway has also been closed after parts of the track were washed away.

Staff at Unison TJP Electronics in Cayton Low Road, had to be pulled out of the windows because the 3ft high water outside threatened to flood the building if a door was opened.

Accounts assistant Sandra Woodhouse said: "It was coming in through the letterboxes. We're just cleaning up now and trying to salvage everything."

The deluge on Saturday brought more than 2in of rain. That was heavier than the flooding eight days ago which had been the wettest 24 hours for more than 50 years.

Some people were returning to their homes today after being evacuated.

For others it will be many months before their homes are habitable.

A total of 80 people, including an 81-year-old pensioner, from Filey were given temporary shelter.

Two adults and a baby were rescued from their car after it got stuck in an avalanche of water in Scalby Road.

Wiremold, off Cayton Low Road, which makes cable systems, was one of several factories to be hit in Eastfield.

Marketing director Steve Chittock said: "The water invaded both the offices and the factory and we have had people clearing up over the weekend. We can't get back into production until we have checked all our equipment. A lot of IT equipment has also been damaged."

Austin Cooper, manager at Bookers Cash and Carry, is counting the cost after water pressure brought ceilings crumbling to the ground.

He said: "The water started coming in at 9am but then when that second big downpour started, it brought down all the internal ceilings.

"We had to close the depot because it wasn't safe. The computer system failed, the refrigeration too. We were closed yesterday for cleaning up. I want to apologise to our customers for that. It's the first time we've ever had to close for something like this in 25 years."

Amazingly a local cricket match at Staxton was able to go ahead on Saturday, but most other sporting events were wiped out by the weather.

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