Former-companion and arch-villain joins line-up

Sophie Aldred as Ace
Sophie Aldred as Ace

The latest actors to join the line up for Sci-Fi Scarborough are Sophie Aldred and Terry Molloy who were both in Dr Who.

Both will be at the convention, which is at the Spa from Saturday March 14 to Sunday March 15 on the Sunday.

In 1987, Sophie was was cast as Ace in Doctor Who. Her tenure on the show spanned the last nine stories of the programme’s original run, which ended in 1989.

Throughout the 2000s she has worked extensively as a voice-over artist for television advertisements, and has also provided voices for animated series such as Bob the Builder, Sergeant Stripes and Dennis and Gnasher.

As of 2012 Sophie has provided the voice of Tom in Tree Fu Tom, a BBC children’s series. The series’ other main voice actor David Tennant (who voices Twigs) previously played the 10th incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who. In November 2013 she appeared in the one-off 50th anniversary comedy homage The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

On television, Terry Molloy is perhaps best known for becoming the third actor to play the mad scientist Davros, the creator of the Daleks.

He appeared in the stories Resurrection of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks and Remembrance of the Daleks, becoming the only actor to play the role in different stories.

Molloy also appeared in the Doctor Who story Attack of the Cybermen as an undercover policeman named Russell.

In recent years, Molloy has reprised the role of Davros in the Big Finish Productions audio dramas Davros, The Juggernauts, Terror Firma, Masters of War, The Davros Mission and the four-part mini-series I, Davros. He also played Davros in a 2005 stage production, The Trial of Davros.

Event co-organiser Steve Dickinson, said: “For Sci-Fi Scarborough to land two of the franchises most interesting characters is a real coup. Davros scared the life out of me as a child but it’s great to have Terry at the seaside, Sophie is a terrific guest, you could say we played our Ace.”

The rest of the convention consists of Hangar 18 Prop Store in the Ocean Room where original displays from Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Space Precinct, Joe 90, Stingray, Terrahawks and Space 1999 with more than 20 display mannequins, 15 display tables, full size film sets, scale models and props will be on display. Joining them are Shane Rimmer, David Graham, Jamie Anderson, MG Harris plus lots of props, make up and film related memorabilia.

Also over the weekend The Grand Hall will host guests from the world of Star Wars including, Dave Prowse, Paul Blake, Femi Taylor, Mike Edmonds, Alan Harris, Pam Rose and Andrew Lawden.

Add to that Virginia Hey from Farscape.