Former convent pupils reunited

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FORMER pupils of the Scarborough Convent of the Ladies of Mary in Queen Street are invited to attend a reunion.

A gathering was planned for this month, but it has now been postponed until next year.

The convent school closed its doors in 1975. Part of the buildings were converted into 31 self contained flats providing sheltered accommodation for the elderly and the old gym and assembly hall now form the YMCA buildings.

After the closure the school reunions were organised by former pupils Pat Barber and Pat Berry who, with the help of some “old girls”, have organised the reunions over many years. Pat Berry, of Hackness Road, who attended the school from age 11 to 17, said: “It was a lovely school and a very caring place.

“It was a happy school where everyone had a good time and did well. We had some wonderful teachers, including the nuns, and got a good grounding in everything.”

Pat also recalled how the school’s tennis courts were behind the law courts and that the girls were often reminded to keep the noise down by teachers and the magistrates!

The school was on two sites: Normanton Rise on South Cliff for five to 11 year olds and the convent in Queen Street for 11 to 18 year olds. It had around 300 pupils including boarders as well as day pupils.

Pat said: “The reunions over the years have been wonderful.

“We’ve had fashion parades with uniforms dating back to the 1900s - it’s amazing to see the things people have kept.”

The last reunion was three years ago and Pat, along with her fellow organisers, have now handed the reins to Jennie Schmuck. If you would like to be involved or just to keep in touch you can contact Jennie on (01723) 365118.