Former Laughton’s is reborn on a new level

Former Laughtons nightclub reopens''Picture by Neil Silk  sn122405a
Former Laughtons nightclub reopens''Picture by Neil Silk sn122405a

The last thing Kevin Rolls imagined when he went for a pizza in Scarborough was that he would end up running a nightclub.

But Kevin, who is originally from Manchester and has been in the licenced trade with his partner Mary Geraghty for the past 22 years, is due to openLevel 2 in Huntriss Row tonight from 9pm.

He said they were with granddaughter, seven-year-old Paris, in Pizza Hut last August and noticed that the former Laughtons premises was up for lease.

“We were having a pizza and ended up leasing a nightclub. We just jumped in, struck a deal and went from there,” he said.

He added that the club had been closed for about three years and has been fully refurbished. “We have totally refurbished the club and brought it back to its former glory,” he said.

“We’ve put it into the 21st Century with up to date lighting and sound systems.”

The couple opened the next door Pier 1 Bar last October and he said the feedback from customers had been positive. “They want a decent club where they can come in and chill out,” he said.

He added the there would be a good mix of music which would include tracks from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. “We want to cater for all ages not just students.”

Kevin said they still run the New Inn, in Bridlington, and used to run the Pavilion Vaults, in Pavilion House in Westborough, around 1999 to 2000.

The new Level 2 venue had previously been associated with the name Laughtons since Scarborough businessman Malcolm Hitchman opened Laughtons nightclub and a small bar in 1985.

At the time it was described as “Scarborough’s most fashionable nightclub and lounge bar” and was advertised as being “for smart over-25s”.

The bar had had a number of different names over the years, the best-remembered probably being The Silver Grid.

Laughton’s also reopened in November 1994 after its capacity was almost doubled to 450 people.

In July 2008 itwas reopened as Players – a lap dancing club.

The current licence has a number of measures – aimed at reducing crime and increasing customer safety– including a CCTV system covering most areas, including outside – as well as three registered door staff.