Former mayor Sheila will be sadly missed

Sheila Kettlewell has sadly died at the age of 79.
Sheila Kettlewell has sadly died at the age of 79.

A former Mayor and Alderman of the borough has died at the age of 79.

Tributes have flooded in for Sheila Kettlewell, a Scalby School deputy headteacher and councillor, who was “very popular and passionate about the borough”.

Cllr Hazel Lynskey, who served as Miss Kettlewell’s Mayoress during her year as Mayor in 2002/03, said: “Sheila was strong and tough and everything she did was for the people. She made a difference and when she spoke, people listened.

“People will always remember her and it is a huge void she leaves in the family.”

Miss Kettlewell worked at Scalby School for 31 years and became deputy headteacher - turning down a number of opportunities during her time there to become a headteacher in her own right.

David Read, Scalby headteacher, said: “When I started working at the school in 2000, it was clear everyone had universal respect for her. She was a big community player, a down to earth Scarborian.

"She brought pride to the area. She was a local solutions person who thought so highly of the town and area she represented.”

On her retirement she used her many skills and wealth of knowledge to further the value and image of Scarborough when she joined the borough council.

She was first elected as an independent for Scalby, Hackness and Staintondale in 1991 but in 2005 switched to the Conservatives. After serving as Deputy Mayor in 1996, Miss Kettlewell became Mayor in 2002/03 and served as Cllr Lynskey’s mayoress in 2010/11.

Miss Kettlewell was made honorary Alderman of the borough in 2007 as a token of the high esteem in which she held by the people of the borough and in recognition of her eminent services to the community.

Cllr Lynskey said: “She was proud, she loved the borough and Scarborough.

“If anyone deserved it, she did. She had a lot of pride and more people should follow in her footsteps.”

Teesside-born Sheila Kettlewell moved to Scalby with her family at the age of eight and became head girl at Scarborough Convent School. She was a devoted Middlesbrough Football Club supporter, owning a season ticket from the age of 11.

Cllr David Jeffels, said: “Sheila’s contribution to education in Scarborough and the town’s community was tremendous. She was highly respected as a deputy headteacher during her long career at Scalby, by her colleagues, governors and pupils.

“She influenced the lives of so many people in both her professional and civic lives and will be remembered with affection and gratitude by those she worked with will be sorely missed because she worked hard for what she believed in whether it was education or in the well-being of Scarborough and its residents.”

Sheila fell and broke her hip on August 10 and passed away peacefully at York Hospital five days later with Cllr Lynskey by her side.

Cllr Lynskey said: “She was already ill before the fall and I think the operation to fix her hip was just too much for her. She had an amazing life and I was proud to know her.”

Sheila’s funeral will take place on August 29 at Scarborough Crematorium from 2pm with everyone welcome.