Fort discovered under castle?

editorial image

A mapping company claim to have found an image showing an old fort beneath Scarborough Castle.

In September 2014 Merlindown was conducting surveys over the North Sea and coastal areas and, upon examining the images made their discover.

A spokesman for the company said: “What we have discovered at Scarborough Castle, as revealed on this deepscan image, is further early antiquity, including a hill fort and ramparts together with more than 30 round huts of an early settlement. There is a potential large henge with sarsen stones at its centre (not shown here but on other images obtained during the search) and another henge with sarsen stones within the hill fort on a much smaller scale.

“Other defences, probably from the 17th century onwards to the Second World War, are visible on site. Numerous small-to-medium objects have also been discovered. For security reasons the image shown here is not absolutely distinct, but it does show the extent of the hill fort and numerous other features.

“Merlindown has taken numerous other images which show a greater amount of finer detail together with many other sites of potential interest beyond the borders of this image. The image shown here, along with the others obtained, would allow anyone following up our searches with ground surveys to locate the archaeology without carrying out initial and possibly time consuming random searches.

“The geophysics tests at Scarborough Castle appear to have only covered the area within the castle compound around the keep, not extending anywhere beyond those confines.

“All our findings are outside of their zone of primary interest.

“We have informed English Heritage of our results and await developments regarding the exploration of these potentially-exciting new discoveries.”