Fox moves into the Futurist - Is it a late protest to stop demolition?

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It’s a headline that Futurist campaigners never thought they would see.

But we can assure them that the fox that has taken up residence in the disused theatre is of the four-legged variety, not the outgoing Scarborough Council leader Cllr Tom Fox, who oversaw the closure of the building during his tenure.

Fox in Futurist

Fox in Futurist

The furry intruder has been spotted around the building at night, and was captured looking out to sea from the building’s window last week.

The new inhabitant of the Futurist was spotted by Scarborough News reader David Bowman.

David said: “On Monday last week, whilst looking at the empty Futurist Theatre, I noticed a fox looking back at me from the window on the stairs, seems they have found a new home.

“I had seen one before late at night outside the theatre a couple of weeks before.

Tom Fox

Tom Fox

“When I had seen the fox previously it was going back up the hill to the side of the Futurist not realising that was it’s home.”

Scarborough Council said it had been made aware of the fox and has informed its estates team.

In recent months there have been at least two incidents of people gaining access to the boarded up Foreshore property, with pictures taken in the abandoned theatre circulating on the internet.

Security was tightened following the second break-in but it seems the council did not bank on the tenacity of this fox to get inside.

The fox’s home may only be a temporary one if the proposed demolition of the attraction is approved following May’s borough election.

Flamingo Land has been chosen as the preferred bidder for the site.

It wants to build a ‘magic pebble’ shaped attraction with space shot tower and rollercoaster in its place, which will be called Flamingo Land Coast.

The real Tom Fox told last months Cabinet meeting that: “It is very likely that the decision [on the Futurist] will be taken by the new council after the election.”