Fred’s last chapter


A SCARBOROUGH fisherman turned author has just published the fourth book in a series which documents the decline of the fishing industry.

Fred Normandale was signing copies of Ebbing Tide at WH Smiths in Westborough at the weekend.

He said: “It’s gone really well and is the end of a series. It’s gone from me as a young fellow surrounded by all these big characters in the harbour and covers 30 years of history to the current tragic end.”

Mr Normandale added that the “political interference” which resulted in dead fish being thrown back into the sea was shameful and had been highlighted as part of a TV campaign.

He said: “It’s got a big profile recently and it’s not before time. It’s criminal what we are having to do – dumping fish.”

The idea to write his first book came from a collection of anecdotes and he got the bug after he attended a five day residential writing course at Hebden Bridge.

He said: “I did eight to 10 pages when I was there to kick it off and the guy was encouraging.”