Free driving assessments to help keep people safe

THE Scarborough and District Advanced Motorists group is holding its annual “free assessment” evening on April 24.

Starting at Allatt House, West Parade Road at 7pm, it is a hands-on event where people get the chance to have a short run driving their own car or motorcycle with qualified observers sitting in with them, or in the case of motorcyclists, following on another bike.

Vice chairman Phil Brown said: “Because we all develop bad habits over the years, unless someone tells us we can be blissfully unaware of them.

“Sometimes, if left unchecked, bad habits can develop into life-threatening driving errors.

“At these events we pride ourselves on offering advice in friendly non-critical way, simply pointing out any errors and offering advice on how to correct them. Drivers have nothing to lose, not even their pride!

“We are not about being critical for the sake of it, we just want you and your family to be safe.”

Young drivers and motorcyclists are more than welcome.

There will also be a chance to chat informally over light refreshemnts.

If you can’t make it on the night, call Phil on (01723) 584523 to arrange a free assessment at a later date.