Free Scarborough holiday brochure from The Daily Mail, 1913

editorial image

by Jeannie Swales

“A gorgeous panorama of sea, sand, rock and rose gardens, gorse-clad moorland, broad lanes, and shady parks, fragrant with the perfume of many flowers; a picturesque harbour; a splendid township, proud of its historical associations; a magnificent Marine Drive, one of the finest in Europe; a palatial Spa, of world-wide fame; luxurious cafes; excellent bathing, boating, fishing, golf, tennis, &c; theatres and other entertainments innumerable; unrivalled accommodation for visitors; and a climate renowned for its bracing, health-giving properties – all these and more Scarborough has to offer. Search as one may, it will be passing difficult to find a watering place which provides so generously for both health and pleasure seeker, or so richly fulfils its promise of a glorious, never-to-be-forgotten holiday.”

Phew – you’re going to need a holiday after ploughing through that cumbersome, 120-word-plus introduction to an advert on the front page of the Daily Mail (‘Daily Circulation SIX Times as Large as That of Any Penny London Morning Journal’ – perhaps some of that accounted for by the fact that the Mail was just a halfpenny).

The advert, which appeared on Thursday 5 June 1913, went into great detail about the town’s many attractions, accommodation and accessibility: ‘extremely easy of access from all parts, being served rapidly, conveniently and comfortably by the Great Northern, Great Central, Midland, North-Eastern, Lancashire and Yorkshire, and North British Railways’.

And it invited readers to ‘send to-day for the beautiful illustrated brochure on Scarborough, free and post free on application’. To get a brochure, readers wrote to the Town Clerk at the Town Hall, or to the Scarborough Information Bureau at either Corporation-st, Birmingham, or Grainger-st, Newcastle.

One interesting detail is the tiny box to the left of the main masthead, which reads as follows:

“Points on Places.

£50 is offered by “The Daily Mail” Travel Bureau for the best new fact about any holiday resort which is not included in any guide book. Particulars are published in “The Daily Mail” Travel Register, sent post free for 1/2d stamp. Apply 130, FleetSt., E.C.”

Now, according to the Bank of England inflation calculator, £50 is the equivalent of (precisely) £5034.18 today – more than enough to pay for a very glamorous holiday in the ‘Queen of Watering Places’! It would be fascinating to find out if any new facts about Scarborough were sent in.

The Daily Mail front cover is part of the Scarborough Collections, the name given to all the museum objects that have been acquired by the borough over the years, now in the care of Scarborough Museums Trust. For further information, please contact Collections Manager Jennifer Dunne on or 01723 384510.