Friends’ fundraising success


Two Scarborough women are on top of the world after raising thousands of pounds for charity by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Jayne Graves and Gill Glegg took on the challenge as part of a 10-day expedition.

Gill was raising money for Alzheimer’s research and Jayne was supporting the charity Children with Cancer.

The pair have described their experiences as follows: “Our 10 day expedition meant we had to face some personal demons such as fear of heights also roughing it for six nights on the on the mountain under canvas.

“We were told to sleep with our heads going up the mountain the only problem was we kept sliding down so when one us had a call of nature in the middle of the night it meant pushing the other one back in the tent.

“Also the tents were so close together all sounds could be heard by fellow trekkers!

“We trekked up the mountain through the rainforest with very lush vegetation in contrast to the more barren ground where there was nothing but rocks to see. The weather was very unpredictable we encountered torrential rain to sunshine within minutes.

“When we reached higher altitude we had to overcome the sheer tiredness through lack of oxygen in the air it was one step at a time we were both still not sure if we would make it at this point.

“However the highlight of our trip was to summit the mighty mountain having commenced our summit bid at midnight trekking through the night in extreme cold conditions which resulted in water and snacks freezing and some trekkers having to return to camp due to altitude sickness.

“The mountain guides did everything possible to keep us going they kept moral up by singing native songs which helped us reach the summit at 7.30am enabling us to savour the experience with everlasting memories and photographs.

“During a typical day on the mountain, you were woken by a porter with bed tea at around 6am. Bags had to be packed and tent emptied before breakfast at 7am where hot drinks and food were consumed before setting off for the usual 6-8 hours trekking/climbing /scrambling to the next camp.

“A hot lunch was provided daily which was a welcome sight and a much needed break!

“The porters welcomed us to camp with songs and dancing and usually we joined in, even thought the legs felt otherwise and as we climbed higher it was difficult to jig around and breathe at the same time! A rubdown with baby wipes was our bath before a three-course evening meal being served around 6.30pm before heading back to your tent and your much needed sleeping bag around 8pm.”

The pair thank everyone for their support. Gill, who is a supervisor at Plaxton Court, has also been working with the Residents Committee to raise money for a new rowing machine for the gym.

This proved a great success and the rowing machine is now in place and ready for use.