Fund-raiser to say “thanks”

John Huntington who died aged 47 after suffering from cancer. He was cared for by St Catherine's Hospice.
John Huntington who died aged 47 after suffering from cancer. He was cared for by St Catherine's Hospice.

A SCARBOROUGH hospice has been praised for the care it provides and one Scarborough club was so impressed that members have organised a fund-raising event for the organisation.

John Huntington was a butcher who worked at both Johnson’s and Gibson’s Butchers and he died at St Catherine’s Hospice in January.

Graeme Casper, a member of the Corporation Club and a watch manager at Scarborough Fire Station, said that club members felt that Saturday’s (June 25) event was the perfect way to sat “thanks” for the care John had received.

He said: “He was in there for about 11 weeks before he died. I was so impressed with what they do. We just wanted to raise as much money as we could.”

The event starts on Saturday at the Dean Road club at 7.30pm and singer James Aconley will be providing the entertainment.

There will also be a raffle with prizes, including a TV and a meal for two, donated by local businesses.

Graeme said: “Everything is going to the hospice because John was in there for quite some time – he became part of the fixtures and fittings. The nurses used to go in and sit with him to keep him company.”

John’s sister Cheryl Parsons, from Nabbs View in Newby, said: “My brother John is one of the most courageous and brave people that I have ever met. Throughout his battle with cancer he remained positive and strong and clearly still had the ability to command from his bedside until the end of his life.

“He was such a funny person and I know that the time that he was in St Catherine’s Hospice all the nurses loved John and said that he was a pleasure to care for.

“From my own point of view I knew that John was in the best place on this earth while he was in St Catherine’s. All the staff and volunteers at the hospice were a great support to John and myself.

“We would have one-to-one time with the staff if there was anything at all that we were worried about and together we moved forward with a plan that was perfect for John, myself and the hospice.”

She added that, as his carer, the situation had sometimes been “overwhelming” and she was thankful for the support provided by the staff at the hospice. She said: “They lightened the physical and emotional load and made John’s stay with them like home from home and allowed me to enjoy quality time with my brother.

“A huge thank you from myself and John. I will never forget your kindness and support and as John used to say “you are all angels.”