Funding boost will help villagers to help themselves

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Scarborough Advocacy Alliance has secured funding to help those living at Botton Village near Danby.

Created to offer opportunities to adults with learning disabilities and other special needs, Botton Village has grown to become the largest Camphill community today.

Botton is home to around 280 people, including 130 with special needs, and has received national recognition for its success.

Alice Taylor, of Scarborough Advocacy Alliance, explained that the new project has two stands: firstly, the development of self-advocacy groups, providing the opportunity for group advocacy raising issues that are of concern to the individual and secondly, training in self-advocacy for individuals.

Alice said: “This will enable them to gain the skills to be able to self-advocate for themselves on an individual basis and to have their say regarding issues that are unique to them and their circumstances.”

She continued: “At advocacy alliance we will build on the self-advocacy training resources we have currently and tailor them to the individual needs of Botton Villagers.

“With the self-advocacy project we aim to help people to have a better chance in life and support them in having their own voice and opinions.

“Individuals will have the opportunity to gain new skills, through support and training, in self advocacy. Individuals who have had access to training and support will then be more able to actually self-advocate.

“This will have a vast impact on their lives as they will be able to get their opinions across to those who are in authority and making changes to their community.”

The project is due to start this month and sessions will run three times a month until June 2014. It will be run by two co-ordinators from Advocacy Alliance, Alice Taylor and Dorothy Hodgkinson.

To find out more call (01723) 363910.