Funding to help children who need support

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A £16,500 boost has been given to a service in Scarborough which helps children who have been affected by domestic violence.

Domestic Abuse Services (Foundation) received the cash from the Castle Health Centre in York Place.

Health centre director Dr David Ames explained: “We decided that we wanted to reinvest the surplus we’d made over the course of the year back into the local health economy.

“I was aware that this service does a lot of good work, but don’t tend to shout about it enough.

“We gave them a bit more money than they applied for and we were pleased to be able to help.”

The funding means that more children will be able to access the service, which is very much in demand.

Izzy Burley, project manager, said: “This donation will enable us to deliver an enhanced service in the Scarborough area.

“It’s for children who need therapeutic support after experiencing domestic violence in the home. We have a waiting list as there’s such a big need for the service.”

She added: “We’re really thrilled to receive the funding - we didn’t think we’d get that much. It will enable us to help another 12 children for another year.”