Futurist area development plan approved

The Futurist Theatre
The Futurist Theatre

A document outlining the development possibilities for land around Scarborough’s historic Futurist Theatre has been approved.

Final adoption of the Futurist and Town Hall Development Brief is expected to be approved by members of Scarborough Council next month.

The latest planning hurdle, which had been delayed after councillors decided to keep their base in the town centre, was was taken by members of the council’s Planning Committee who accepted an amended version of the original document.

Hugh Smith, the council’s major projects offcer, said: “This takes account of the decision on the Town Hall accodation.”

He added that a decision not to make the theatre a listed building had also be taken into account. “We have to be flexible to allow a range of possibilities,” he said.

Cllr Brian Watson said: “Just because the Futurist Theatre hasn’t been listed doesn’t mean it couldn’t be refurbished – as it’s not been listed it might be easier to refurbish it.”

Cllr Jane Mortimer, the committee chairman, said: “It covers both areas because we don’t know what developers will come forward with.”

The plan was given unanimous approval and goes to full council on Monday, September 10.