Futurist call-in: decision

Town Hall 100236b news
Town Hall 100236b news

A bid to ask Scarborough Council’s cabinet to reconsider a recent decision about the Futurist Theatre has failed.

During a meeting this afternoon at the Town Hall, a call-in by Cllr Janet Jefferson was thrown out by six votes to two.

The meeting featured heated debate about the theatre’s future, with many members of the public attending to speak on the issue.

Supporters of the theatre, including Cllr Jefferson, were keen to make an amendment to a report which came under the spotlight on July 16.

It stated that “the continued operation of the Futurist Theatre in the current site is unsustainable”.

Cllr Jefferson asked if the word “site” could be changed to “state”, to reflect the fact that the theatre could have a future, given the right investment.

However, deputy chief executive Hilary Jones stressed the fact that redevelopment would cost a “significant” amount of money, which simply was not available.

Councillors voting in support of the original cabinet decision to move forward and look at development options were Cllrs Evans, Coulson, Donohue-Moncrieff, Mallory, Bastiman and Abbott.

Cllrs Jefferson and Jay-Hanmer voted against and Cllr Billing abstained.

It is now believed that Cllr Jefferson will seek 14 signatures from members so the issue can be called in at Full Council.