Futurist campaign to ‘educate’ councillors

100332d''The Futurist Theatre
100332d''The Futurist Theatre

A PRESENTATION on Scarborough’s Futurist Theatre has been temporarily moved to the Town Hall, in an attempt to “educate” councillors.

The display, which marks the venue’s 90th anniversary, will remain in the Town Hall’s foyer for at least one week from today, and its stay could last two weeks.

Campaigner Patricia David said the presentation had been moved so that councillors, who will make vital decisions on the venue’s future, will have more information on The Futurist.

She said: “I’ve discovered that a lot of them do not know much about The Futurist.

“The public consultation is coming up and I feel every single councillor should know as much as there is to know about The Futurist. We want informed decision making.

“This should really push it in their faces and up their noses. They can’t not see it and not learn about it.

“Every single councillor will have the chance to learn about what they are discussing.”

She added: “We are extremely concerned that councillors are going to be making monumental decisions.

“They need to have every bit of information available to them to make informed decisions.”

The presentation, which has previously been on show at Scarborough Library and The Futurist itself, will be altered slightly when it goes on display at the Town Hall.

The public are welcome to view the presentation.