Futurist: council sets date for the demolition despite protest battle

144707'The notice announcing the demolition date for the Futurist site'Picture by Neil Silk'17/11/14
144707'The notice announcing the demolition date for the Futurist site'Picture by Neil Silk'17/11/14

The wrecking ball will move in to bring the Futurist Theatre crashing to the ground in January unless campaigners are successful in challenging the council’s plans for the building.

Notices went up in the last week giving the proposed demolition date as January 19 and inviting the public to send in representations on the “method” that will be used to bring it down.

No figure has yet been given on the cost of the demolition, which the council is intending to pay.

In its planning application, the council states that if the bidder, which has now been 
revealed as Flamingo Land, was to carry out the demolition it would expect a 20 per cent return on its costs.

Its submission states: “The buildings are currently predominantly empty with the theatre, pub and chip shop not in use, and likely to remain so.

“The buildings are in poor condition and are considered by many to be an eyesore.”

The council goes on to state that the cost to bring the theatre back up to a useable standard was priced at £2.7 million and that is only expected to have increased in the two years since.

The report continues: “The Council is conscious that the Futurist buildings have been largely empty for several months. Although proposals have been received to redevelop the property they will take time to finalise, and in the meantime the visual and physical appearance of the building will continue to deteriorate. The council is keen to facilitate redevelopment on site as quickly as possible. Even if the current proposals do not proceed, it is evident a cleared site will be quicker and easier for the Council to market and subsequently develop.”

Flamingo Land is looking to turn the Futurist into a magic-pebble shaped building with rollercoaster, space shot tower and botanical gardens.

Patricia David, among those trying to save the historic theatre, said: “The council has made up its mind and is rushing into the demolition of the Futurist.
“What is the point of this consultation when the contractor to demolish it has already been booked?
“It is important that as many people as possible put as much pressure as possible on their own councillors and the council as a whole to ensure the council follow, and in public, the correct legal process.”
Representations on the consultation can be submitted via the council’s website planning section at www.scarborough.gov.uk.
The planning application will go before the council’s planning committee at a date next month.