Futurist decision due next week

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The methodology of the proposed demolition of The Futurist is to be discusses by Scarborough councillors at a meeting on Thursday next week.

Prior approval has been recommended by officers to allow the authority to bring down the theatre, to make it easier for Flamingo Land to progress its plans for an attraction with rollercoaster and space shot tower on the site,

This means that further information must be submitted and a decision on the actual demolition will be taken at a later date.

The report which will go before the planning and development committee,states that: “The only issues which may be considered as part of this prior approval application are the proposed method of demolition and site restoration, and subject to these points,they do not include the principle of demolition.

“A decision on whether Prior Approval is required is necessary within 28 days of the application being validated (i.e. at this meeting on Thursday December 11).

“Whilst officers are satisfied with some of the details provided, it is considered that more information relating to the methodology for maintaining slope stability and the eventual appearance of the retaining walls is needed.

“Prior approval of the application would in effect allow deferral to a later meeting when a second stage decision of can be made once these details have been submitted and assessed.”

Last month The Scarborough News reported on how Scarborough Council had set a date of January 19 to bring down the historic venue.

The Theatre Trust has become the latest body to object to the demolition, writing to the council to ‘strongly oppose’ any move to bring it down.